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I am from Heber Ut and Travis is from Farmington Ut. We both graduated from Utah State University and now live in Pullman, WA. I am currently attending Vet School at WSU and Travis is working as a commodities purchaser at Schweitzer Engineering here in Pullman. We will be here for the next four years and LOVE IT!

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Saturday, June 22, 2013

My Last Week...

I have been so sad all week knowing it is my last one, but looking forward to meeting my mom and sister in Paris is exciting. Monday at the clinic was crazy busy, we had clients coming in constantly. It is so cool to have such a huge variety of cases going on, we had a colic mule, contracted tendons, dystocia, prolapsed uterus, septic joint, and a fracture all being treated at the same time. It was 8 o'clock at night before we even headed back to the house. The vet's here are so patient with me and are great teachers. I continue to get great hands on experience. This week the Fondouk held their monthly rounds with Tufts University from the States via skype. It's pretty cool to hear the input of all the veterinarians and students in the U.S. of our cases. I got thrown into it and had to present my case to the everyone and the students at Tufts. I was not prepared for this and was super nervous but it was very relaxed and ended up being really fun!
With it being my last week, every night was a celebration! Tuesday night, we went into the Medina for some more shopping and we made friends with a great shopkeeper who invited us in for mint tea. We continued to wander the medina getting lost about every other turn, but that is half the fun. I love finding new shops and new alleyways. We decided to splurge and my friend Huda took us to this amazing restaurant in this hotel tucked into the medina. It's amazing that behind this dingy looking doors are these beautiful gardens and houses. The restaurant had huge trees and stunning lilies!  One night during the week Anna ( the vet from South Africa) and I decided to have a BBQ for everyone, so we headed to the store and gathered supplies. We may have also made a quick stop at McDonalds for a snack...and ice cream. It was so fun to BBQ out in our garden by the pool. Our BBQ turned into giving all of our supplies to Koutar to put a moroccan twist on, this was the best decision ever! The food turned out amazing. My last night we had another feast of Moroccan dishes and bread. I was getting really sad to leave! Friday is always cous cous in Morocco and luckily my flight didn't leave until AFTER lunch on Friday so I was able to sit down with everyone and have our last cous cous. I had an unbelievable time at the American Fondouk and made some life long friends. I can't wait to go back and bring my family with me to share the experience. The people at the Fondouk are doing an incredible thing for the animals in Fes and I am so grateful I was able to be a part of it. I will continue to keep in touch with these great people and I want to thank them for all they taught me. I will be back! Now onto the next adventure... Paris!
Shopping the handcrafted merchandise

Inside a house in the medina

I have been able to do several opthalmic exams

I helped removed this tumor...still pending what kind it was.

Azami! Our resident ferrier.

Contracted tendon before surgery...this mule had been working on this for 6 months up until he was brought in
After cutting the deep digital flexor tendon

My loud obnoxious donkey with incredibly long ears!

A stork that had been dropped off on our door.

Tonya, me and Anna in the shop for mint tea


The fee here amaze me...

McDonald's snack 


I truly fell in love with this Girl! Huda!

My bandaging skills are getting pretty good.

Moroccan Feast for my last night!

Koutar, Me and Hanane

Our Giant south african friend!

Dr. Simon

Houria, Me, Touria, and Koutar

My Moroccan Family!

I bought a watermelon for our last farewell.

My final Cous Cous!

My Weekend Off...

First things first...I had every intention of heading to the south of morocco to ride a camel on my weekend off. Reality is where I needed to go was an 8 hour train ride and I wasn't able to convince anyone to go with me! My family frowned on me making that trek alone, so I found an alternative. There is this amazing little town about an hour north of Fes called Ifrane. It is up in the mountains where the weather is much more enjoyable. I took a taxi to the bus station at 6 am and arrived in Ifrane about 7:30. Not much was open at the time so I wandered the city and found a small cafe to have a some breakfast. Ifrane is known for it's outdoors and forrest areas so I took a taxi to the nearest one. The taxi cab took me as far as the road would let him and then he so generously hailed a woman walking to take me the rest of the way. Mind you no one is speaking english and my language has not improved much over the 3 weeks. This adorable woman took my hand and led me into the forest where I found trails crossing all over the place. She invited me to come eat with her and her family, so I just kept following her. Unfortunately I got distracted with her little boy who wanted to show me the waterfall, which he showed me then ran off without a way to follow. I was sad I missed having some lunch with this cute little family. After exploring a little I found a trail going away from some of the people and following the river so I tightened up my back pack and went for an "Indian Run". The scenery was beautiful and I was in need of a run. I was safe and made cairns along the way so that I didn't get lost. I came across several little waterfalls all along the river, it was amazing. After a few miles, I decided I had gone far enough from civilization so I headed back. I found a quiet place to read and nap near the waterfall, it was exactly what I wanted. Afternoon started getting a bit crowded so I walked back up the road to hail a taxi back into town. After declining several nice offers by random people I caught a real taxi. The little town of Ifrane is called Morocco's Switzerland. The small village is tucked into the mountains and the town has many small cafes and restaurants. I headed to a cafe for lunch and discovered the place had Diet Coke in GLASS bottles. I was overly excited and the waitor thought I was strange but I didn't care...I asked for 2. I continued to wander the village until I headed for the bus, which unfortunately was an hour late. But no worries I had company from a random man that kept offering me to come stay at his house for a few days or go take a walk with him...even though I explained I was married several times. He was harmless and an easy way to pass the time, I taught him english and he taught me arabic.
Sunday was another day off where Hanane (the moroccan intern) and I headed to another mountain town to picnic by an all natural spring. This town was very quaint with great character, we lounged by the spring listening to some local music. Let me tell you, moroccans know how to picnic! They bring, rugs (not just blankets), pillows, poufs, propane tanks for their tea and tajines, bread, fruit and anything else they want...I decided I could get on board with that. Hanane and I enjoyed the local food and of course ice cream. Sunday night I met Huda (the moroccan office manager) in the medina in Fes for some shopping and more local food. She, being a local, was able to get me good prices on all my gifts and souvenirs! (I will post pictures after I give them to their recipients.) I was so happy to be able to see some of the country which I am in love with! Here are the rest of the pictures from the weekend. It has taken me 4 days to post this so I have given up commenting on the photos at all! I will post my final week in Morocco and then our adventures in PARIS!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

End of Week 2...

It has been a crazy few weeks but very exciting! I have been able to get some serious practical experience here doing nerve blocks, tapping joints looking for infection, lots of bandage changes, physical exams, opthalmology exams and lots of more. The staff here continues to be amazing! I am learning so much from all of them. They teach me arabic and french and I help them with their english, needless to say we have very entertaining conversations! I have fallen in love with the city, and have enjoyed exploring all the new things. I haven't been as good taking pictures of all of our cases because it's so busy during the day working with all of the different animals coming in with many different ailments but here are a few from the week. I usually re order the pictures so that they make sense or are in chronological order but the internet is slow and I'm over this blog so I'm going to caption them as is...warning some are gross.
This mule has a huge access in it's neck that shot across the room when we lanced it. Pretty cool.

I made dinner for the house...american classic...Mac N Cheese with BBQ beef.

This poor donkey was in last week for a bite wound from another donkey to the leg and now a new one to the...ahem... testicle.

These stallions are beautiful...they paint them with Henna for decoration

We found these parasites in the nose of a donkey! I have  a video too...it moves.

We headed into the Medina to find the tanneries and we walked through the metal making district, they make beautiful things.

A donkey waiting for it's owner in the medina. 

The river running through the medina

The leather shops are amazing and the colors are great!

Tanneries, the hides go in the white first then dipped in the colors, 3-5 weeks for each hide.

The shop keeper kept pushing that I buy a leather jacket...because you know I have such a use for one.

More metal district.

Me and Hanane trying to find the concert 
Mehdi and I laughing at dinner

Our view of the dinner from the medina

Hanane, Me, and Mehdi at dinner in the medina

Baby donkey follows us everywhere...including to the pool

Moroccan Pastilla...a friend quesadilla thing with powder sugar and cinnamon on top...sweet and salty... pretty good.
Also, I had to say a FINAL good bye to this kid via Skype...I am proud of him and going to miss him like crazy but he is where he is supposed to be. Love you HTolbert.