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I am from Heber Ut and Travis is from Farmington Ut. We both graduated from Utah State University and now live in Pullman, WA. I am currently attending Vet School at WSU and Travis is working as a commodities purchaser at Schweitzer Engineering here in Pullman. We will be here for the next four years and LOVE IT!

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Monday, March 21, 2011

And the verdict is in....

Drumroll please....in the middle of August Travis and I will be moving to Pullman, Washington and attending Washington State University! We are so excited to have finally made a decision. WSU finally feels right, and we are ready to go! We will be moving to Heber for the summer to save some money, then we will be heading to Washington in August. Now the goal is to try and stay focused on the last half of my semester. Which is turning out to be harder than the previous 3.5 years! Graduation is only 7 weeks away!!! Travis found a job finally, sadly it is in downtown Salt Lake which means he stays a couple nights a week in Farmington with his family and a couple nights up here with me! It sucks royally spending that much time apart but it is only for 6 more weeks. We are becoming champs at phone conversations... which is a big improvement for me. We are both looking forward to the end of the semester! Summer is coming fast and I can't wait.