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I am from Heber Ut and Travis is from Farmington Ut. We both graduated from Utah State University and now live in Pullman, WA. I am currently attending Vet School at WSU and Travis is working as a commodities purchaser at Schweitzer Engineering here in Pullman. We will be here for the next four years and LOVE IT!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009


There is a pasture that is right next to our house that is home to my pet pheasant, Ralph! He is by far the biggest pheasant I have ever seen. There are several that live all around us but he is the biggest and is there every day.  So I adopted him and named him so TJ would stop figuring out ways to kill him. I tried to show my pet to my parents last week and he had disappeared and they didn't believe me so I have been on a mission ever since to get a good picture of him. It was tricky but I finally caught him! They are so loud! They wake us up every morning squawking at each other. Now I have a picture and everyone can see my new pet!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

BBQ time!

Check out our new addition to our household! WE GOT A BBQ!!! My parents came up to visit us this past weekend and bought us a BBQ! It is so fun! First thing we BBQ? My man's Turkey!!
He put meat on our table! It was really good! We marinated them and grilled em up! I love summer! Thanks Mom and DAD!!!!

The finished product!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

YAY for Summer!

30 hours of studying, 8 finals, 80 hours of work, 15 miles of mountain hiking, countless hours scouting turkeys, 5 failed attempts, baby showers, delivering 10 puppies, packing for a week, FINALLY killing a turkey!, 8 A's and 4 B's, and TONS OF DIET COKE about sums up our last week of school. Between TJ's turkey hunting, finals, and work we were more then ready for our vacation to Florida. It's a good thing TJ and I are married, because most run from me during finals!I don't know if anyone knows, but I'm a wreck during finals. I study more then I should, freak out when I don't need to, and am ornerier then anything! I think Tj felt since I was freaking out so much, it was enough for the both of us...hence why he spent finals week on the mountain hunting for turkeys. The difference is he can still get A's!  (Punk!) TJ's turkey was well deserved and very cool. 
We then took off to Florida for a week! I couldn't have been more ready! Our friends the Burk's had a condo in Orlando for a week so the four of us packed up and went. It was a blast! We had a great resort with a fantastic pool! All of us had done the disney world thing, and were short on cash so we went to Universal Studios and a Disney Water Park. We had a so much fun, it was nice to get away from school and work. Here are just some of the pictures..enjoy!

Coco Beach, Boogie Boarding 
The four of us out for the night.