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I am from Heber Ut and Travis is from Farmington Ut. We both graduated from Utah State University and now live in Pullman, WA. I am currently attending Vet School at WSU and Travis is working as a commodities purchaser at Schweitzer Engineering here in Pullman. We will be here for the next four years and LOVE IT!

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Thursday, April 14, 2011


I continue to get crap from my family for my lack of blogging and I can't even use the excuse of I am too busy with school...because well I'm not. I just stink at blogging. I am in my final semester of undergrad at Utah State and you can tell. Being accepted to Vet school makes it impossible to be motivated for school. It is quite a phenomenon that I no longer study for tests weeks in advance, not even days in advance, I now begin studying the night before or day of. This used to make me panic but now I just don't care. It is sad that I am getting the same grades if not better with this new studying philosophy, I hope it's because my classes are easier and not that I have wasted hundreds of hours overstudying. You would think I would enjoy this beautiful thing of spare time and spend some quality time with my husband but nope we are having a "trial separation". It sucks. Travis got a job in downtown Salt Lake, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up so he currently lives with his parents in Farmington while I live in Logan. He does drive up usually one day a week and then we meet up on the weekends. It is no fun at all but it is only for 4 more weeks!!! I will be graduating the first week in May and then we will be moving to Heber for the summer! So forgive me for the lack of blogging it is obviously not for the lack of time, my life is just not that exciting. I go to the gym, attend class for about an hour a day, clean my already clean house, watch FNL and Gilmore Girls, put of writing my papers (again just don't care), talk to Travis on the phone then get bitter because he interacts with people, and now I have begun to pack. There you have it, a detailed description of my life. Travis on the other hand is crazy busy, he works for IHC in the corporate treasury full time and also he has picked up side jobs doing tiling and finish work so he can have some spare money for new golf clubs. Not to mention living with his 16 year old brother, I choose to not ask what those two get into. We are both excited to be living together again and "yes" Dad we still love each other! I will try to be better at updating or be better at being interesting one of the two!