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I am from Heber Ut and Travis is from Farmington Ut. We both graduated from Utah State University and now live in Pullman, WA. I am currently attending Vet School at WSU and Travis is working as a commodities purchaser at Schweitzer Engineering here in Pullman. We will be here for the next four years and LOVE IT!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


USA..USA...USA...USA...USA!!! My little brother Hunter qualified and was invited to compete in the International Triathlon Union (ITU) cross triathlon World Championships held in Birmingham, Alabama. Hunter was on a team of the top 25 elite men, women and juniors in the country that raced against teams from South Africa, Great Britain, Mexico, Venezuela and more. Hunter has been racing Xterra triathlons for the past year and half and done extremely well. These off road triathlons consist of a 1 mile swim in open water, 25 mile mountain bike race, and a 6.2 mile trail run. He has been dominating this distance in the West regions. With the ITU race being a little different the distances were cut for the juniors to adhere to the ITU guidelines all over the world. With the distances being a 500 M swim, 8 mile bike and 3 mile swim it was going to be an all out sprint for these juniors! My older brother and Hunters coach Brian, my mom, Hunter and myself headed to Alabama Wednesday before race day so Hunter could have some training with the National Coach and meet up with the rest of the team. Since Brian and I were going to be in Alabama and involved in this event anyway, he decided we should compete in the trail runs held the day after the triathlons. When I agreed I had no idea this was a half marathon trail run...but my inability to say no landed me in our first half marathon. So while Hunter was training with the national coaches, Brian and I combined training and coaching by running all over the course in the amazing national park in Pelham, Alabama. The trails were amazing and extremely well kept that circled a lake and up down the hills of Alabama. At the end of day 1 training we attended a team dinner with the Elite U.S.A team where we ate with the top Americans in the world. Opening ceremonies were held the next night which was the night before the race. All the athletes were decked out in their countries colors and uniforms, at this point in the trip I was reminded why I hate competitive sports...I was a nervous wreck. My dad was able to drive over from Mississippi where he was for business and join us the night before and for race day. If I thought I was nervous, take a look at my dad. Brian and Hunter were in Race mode which left my parents and I to fret and discuss the race to no end. I don't believe anyone slept great. Saturday morning Hunter was up at 4:30 AM to eat and begin prepping. Start time was 7:30 and I was sick about it. After being called by name and number to the starting line the cannon sounded and they were diving into the lake. Being able to see the entire lake course was awesome! Hunter was out of the water in 4th and sprinted through the transition, in under 20 seconds he was on his mountain bike, his best event. The lead junior from South Africa was crazy fast and gaining time on everyone. We were able to see Hunter on several different spots through out the course, at each point he had gained and drop another competitor. At the end of the bike he had just edged into 2nd place! Unfortunately the ITU distance shortened the bike immensely, leaving Hunter at a disadvantage. His usual game plan is put as much distance on the bike as possible and hold on to the lead in the run. With the shorter bike he didn't have the opportunity to place that distance between the others. He was caught on the run by a few fellow Americans and crossed the finish line as the 5th elite junior in the world!!!  I am so proud of my little brother and all that he has accomplished! He is a pretty amazing athlete and will continue to be so! I'm sure everyone is curious on how Brian and I survived our trail run! Brian and I lined up together ( me again hating competitive sports due the fact that I was near vomitting before the start) when the cannon went off Brian was off to do his thing, and I settled into mine. I never saw him again. 1 hour and 55 minutes later I crossed the finish line to cheering fans all around,Brian, my Mom and Hunter all yelling! As much as I hate the feeling before a race it felt pretty good to finish the 13 mile trail run. Better yet, I won my age group, finished as the 5th women overall and 25th of 250 runners! The winners of every category qualify to compete at the World Championships in Maui! Which sadly lands during my next semester so I will not be attending but hey I qualified! Thanks Hunter for doing all the cool stuff you do so that I can come and do cool stuff too! Thanks to my parents for flying me in to be a part of this race!! GO USA!

Representing the U.S. of A!!!
Waiting for the start!
Out of the water 
Killing it on the bike

Out on the Run
Some of the USA Junior Elite team.
Brother and Coach
Before the Race....We were not excited. At this point we had decided running was stupid and no longer wanted to run.
On our epic journey home...I sat in 4 airports, 3 airplanes, and 2 cars to finally make it back to Washington...all while rocking our super sexy compression socks.


Nothing celebrates the end of the semester like enjoying nature with good friends. After sitting in lecture halls for 8 months it was so refreshing to sit by the camp fire and throw rocks in the river. We ventured to a national forest outside of Polmeroy, WA about 2 hours from Pullman. We found a great camp spot nestled in the woods along a stream. Arriving at the camp spot while it was snowing was a little disconcerting but we quickly set up tents and a kitchen tarp.  It turns out that after a week of raining there isn't much dry wood left. After several hours of fails attempt to keep a fire going longer than 15 minutes, the boys went off to find dryer wood. Once they were back and the fire roaring, good food in our bellies, and s'mores roasting the only thing left to do was burn our anatomy notes! There was concern that the formaldehyde soaked pages might emit toxic gases but we didn't care it was quite ceremonial! Here is to good friends, a great year, and more camping to come this summer! 

The Planter Box...

I am so grateful for Travis' ability to occupy himself while I study. It makes me feel so much better knowing he is being entertained while I'm locked in the library, anatomy lab, or office. Travis is a meticulous builder, he researches plans, looks up different boxes and then goes to work. Once finished, hours of examining and determining if it is perfect, trying multiple methods of hanging and several trips to the hardware store it is ready! I can't wait for him to have a actual space to work instead of our tiny balcony (and on occasion our office!). He built this great planter box and it was fun to plant and I love to look at it through our windows and it makes me smile. Travis does so much for me while I'm involved in school and I'm eternally grateful for him. Summer has officially started and we can't wait!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Catch Up...

So much has happened in last six months. Instead of trying to catch up on every post, I will condense it down to a bulleted list with pictures.
Since Christmas:

Started new semester in school-Large Animal anatomy=large amount of formaldehyde=large smell

Mom's 50th birthday party-We flew home for approximately 36 hours for a family ski day and a great birthday party! Love her!

Super bowl Party-FOOD, lots of FOOD

Travis's Birthday- the big 26, sure love that guy.

Spring Break- took a weekend trip to the West side and visited Seattle. Visited the aquarium, rode a ferry, shopped at Pike's Place, went to the Zoo, and enjoyed the city.

Easter brought delicious brunch, hidden eggs, our own easter basket and a ham dinner.

Shooting with friends to gear up for finals.

Well, then Finals happened and I disappeared for a few weeks, Travis however, was busy building a beautiful planter box.

 Now we are ready to enjoy our summer and all that it entails!