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I am from Heber Ut and Travis is from Farmington Ut. We both graduated from Utah State University and now live in Pullman, WA. I am currently attending Vet School at WSU and Travis is working as a commodities purchaser at Schweitzer Engineering here in Pullman. We will be here for the next four years and LOVE IT!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Antelope Hunt

I'm sorry that I have been such a slacker on the writing front, and I'm not gonna lie it probably won't get better with school coming up but I will try. Earlier this month TJ had the long awaited antelope hunt. My dad, brothers, uncles and cousins and TJ all ventured out to the indian reservation out past wendover in search of the biggest antelope!  TJ shot his on the first day and was very happy about it! The drama came when he came home...well at least for me it did. He got home late sunday night and I was very happy... (I kinda missed him!) So being the supportive wife I helped him unload and put away everything. Then it came time to cut off the horns of his antelope before the smell infested our house. So once again I was supportive...I was holding the horns while he sawed at them with a VERY dull hack saw. That didn't work. So we used a dremel to get through the tricky spots...that didn't work. Instead of cutting through the skull he cut into the EYE BALL which exploded ALL over me! yup all over me! good thing that I work with nastier stuff  everyday. After the dremel failing we borrowed up a Saws-all and got through the skull finally. With the skull came a piece of the brain as well! TJ laughed when I picked it up to examine it. Needless to say it was a very long evening and we both washed up after!  Congrats on the Antelope TJ it was awesome!!!