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I am from Heber Ut and Travis is from Farmington Ut. We both graduated from Utah State University and now live in Pullman, WA. I am currently attending Vet School at WSU and Travis is working as a commodities purchaser at Schweitzer Engineering here in Pullman. We will be here for the next four years and LOVE IT!

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Monday, January 17, 2011


Alright, so as most people know I have been working toward becoming a Veterinarian my entire life. This summer I started the application process which is a giant pain. But the applications were in October 1st and the waiting began.I applied to 10 different schools all across the country. The leads being the schools in the west, Washing, Oregon, and Colorado but we were not going to be picky. The beginning of December I received an invitation to interview at Ohio State University! I flew out there just before Christmas and interviewed with the board of admissions. Two days before Christmas I received an acceptance letter!!!!! I could not have been more THRILLED! It was such a huge pressure relieved, I GOT in. Two weeks after Christmas I received even better news. I was awarded WICHE funding! WICHE is a government funding program for professional schools. They provide funding to cover my out-of-state tuition costs for three schools out west, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado.. This funding is awarded to four students out of the pool of 30-35 applicants across Utah. With this I received admission to all three schools!! We couldn't be more excited!! Travis and I have some BIG decisions to make on which school we will be heading to! So Please feel free to place your vote, all will be taken into consideration!


The holidays are the best part of the year! With Travis graduating and between jobs and I being between semesters we had plenty of time to spend with family and friends. We had such a great time with everyone. The Saturday before Christmas is our Tolbert Family christmas party which is my highlight of the year! It is always so much fun getting together with the family. We spent Christmas this year with TJ's family. We had "Gregmas" at hour house on Christmas eve's eve. The annual Godderidge party is on Christmas eve every year up here in Logan, so the night before TJ's brother and wife with their two boys come and stay at our house the day before. We eat lots of food, play games and don't get a lot of sleep. The Christmas eve party is always a hit! Fun games, great food, good company, and family, the party is a blast. Christmas this year we stayed with Travis' brother. It was great to open christmas presents early in the morning with little kids. The excitement is just amplified with little kids! The week following Christmas we headed up to Heber and Skied. My brothers and Dad and I got to go cat skiing the Monday after and it was UNBELIEVABLE. We had so much fun skiing great snow and in great company. For New Years we headed to my parents Barn in Bondurant, WY where we did nothing and loved every minute! It was -45 degrees making going outside a little unbearable but we still loved every minute. Hanging with the family is always so much fun and being able to do so all break was great. Slightly after the new year, I was able to get my friends together and hang out! We were terrible with the pictures when everyone was there but we got some with a few of us!! I am now back to school and TJ is on the job hunt. We are ready to be done with school but excited for my last semester! Hope the Holidays were great for all!

Our nephew Drew with Santa
Travis, Me, Greg & Mindi
Kyle and I won the GAME!!
Cat Skiing with the boys

My Dad's new PUPPY!! I want him.

Travis and I at the Barn

Some of the girls!! Lover them!